Summoning is a complicated, but effective way to defeat enemies.

Capturing a Soul Edit

To begin summoning, you must capture a creature's soul by casting the "Trap Soul" spell on it when the creature is weak. The higher your willpower attribute, the easier this is. Once you've successfully casted the spell on the creature, you'll receive five soul shards. These will be put into your Soul Pouch, which you can check using !souls.

Summoning a Creature Edit

To summon a creature of which you have the soul, you must use the !summon [creature name] command. For example: !summon Goblin. Once the creature is summoned, it will fight for you. Depending on your willpower it will do more or less damage than it does as a normal creature. It's best to summon a creature that is exactly the level of your willpower or at least very close. The further away from your willpower level, the less efficient the damage is. Don't summon a level 100 with 50 willpower, for example, as a level 50 would do more damage!