Getting Started Edit

To start playing AdventureRPG, first register an account on UB-Adventure by private messaging it "!register". This will give you a level one account, one attribute point, some gold and a basic weapon (A bronze stiletto).

After registering, you'll be in the Village of Thandor, a peaceful little starting area. However, as you'll quickly find out if you use !fight, you can't fight here. So we'll have to find a good place to hunt for monsters first so you can gain some experience to level up. To find a place, type !areas [Level]. In your case, !areas 1 will do the trick. You'll most likely find out that "Thandor Outskirts" is a good location for you to hunt. So, how do you travel here? It's pretty easy to do so: Simply use the command !travel followed by where you wish to go, in your case Thandor Outskirts.

It will take a short while (around 30 seconds at most) to get there.

Once you're there you're ready to fight some monsters! To engage in combat, simply send the bot !fight. A random enemy around your level will be generated, allowing you to have a fair chance of defeating it. Your first enemy is most likely a "Noob" or a "Rat". Both of these enemies are very easy to defeat and should be no problem for you. Simply send UB-Adventure "!attack" to attack it with a melee attack. Later on, you could look into other ways of defeating monsters, but for now it's best to stick to melee as that's fairly straightforward.

Hopefully you've defeated your first enemy by now, and have gained some gold, experience and possibly some new items for you to use. You can see all non-equipped items you have by using !inventory, and you can see all equipped items by using !equips or !equipment. You can equip an item you find by using the command "!equip [itemname]". Equipping new and more powerful items will make combat easier for you, and without a good set of armor and a decent weapon, you won't get far in the world of AdventureRPG.

Now that you've defeated your first enemy (or enemies) and equipped an item or two, joining the chat "ActiveRPG" might be a good idea. If you want to learn some more advanced ways to play the bot, there's almost always someone there to help you do so. If you want to learn how to fight more effectively right now, take a look at this article.

Buying and Selling Items Edit

You can only buy and sell items in a peaceful area. You can find out whether an area is peaceful by using !info [Area Name]. The first peaceful place you'll come across is the Village of Thandor.

You can sell items you get from loot from defeating monsters, by using the !sell [Item] command. You can replace [Item] here by (a part of) an item's name, or by the number it takes in your inventory, shown as (number), e.g. (1) [2x Steel Staff]. To sell multiple items, use !sell [Item]:[Amount], for example: !sell Steel Staff:5 will sell 5 Steel Staves (if possible).

Buying items can be done in two different ways. The first is to buy an item from the NPC Store. This store (use !store to see what it sells) refills itself with a fresh batch of generated items every 15 minutes, and sells items for 10 times their regular sale value. To buy an item from the store, use !buy [Number that's shown in !store]. For example, if the store says "(7]: [Silk Shield - 99800 Gold]", you can buy this item by using "!buy 7".

Buying items from players on the other hand is done through trading. You can start a trading 'session' by using !trade [playername]. Replace [playername] here by the name of the player you wish to trade with. The other player then has to accept or decline your request. Should they accept it, you can !offer items in the same way you can normally sell items. You can't trade multiples of one item at once. Once both players have offered items and/or gold, you can !accept the trade. Once both players have accepted, the trade is completed. You can see what's currently being offered by sending !trade during a trade.